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What is an Auto-Responder?

An autoresponder is a program that instantly sends a reply to any email you receive.

It is a great way of instantly responding to business enquiries to let potential clients know that you have received their email and will reply to them soon. They can be a great enhancement to your web sites customer service as any queries from your web sites visitors can be acknowledged immediately.

Going on holidays?
Uuse your autoresponder to let your customers know you are away should the email you while you are on vacation to save you the trouble of checking emails and replying to them when you are away.

Autoresponders are included Free with your hosting package so get your free autoresponder here.

Setting Up Autoresponders in Cpanel

To set up your autoresponder go to Cpanel then click Mail.

Click auto responders then click add new autoresponder and fill in the form.

Fill in the e-mail address that you wish the replies to come from in the e-mail field.

For example if you wanted to come from you would write info in the e-mail field.

From: What you put in this field will show up in the from part of the recipient's e-mail client.

Subject: the subject of the e-mail.

Message: the auto response message that person will receive.